Study tip: Dr.Najeeb

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My personal hero! This guy! Seriously!
I learned so much from his amazing videos. Basically if your studying anatomy and you haven’t seen one of Dr.Najeebs videos, you have not been studying properly!
Super easy to understand, and great way to memorise it all!
Check out his youtube channel:
Dr.Najeeb Youtube


Study tip: Coffitivity

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Another sound generating page! I like to use this one when the Rain page doesn’t work. Its just like being at a coffee shop, and the noise just makes me focus on my own things, instead of the things that are going around.

Study tip: Headspace

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This weeks study tip is the app “Headspace” .
It’s for sure a favourite of mine, that I have been using forever! I basically use it to sleep, which is key when you’re stressed out before exams and so on. But they have plenty of different options to spread mindfullness if you are willing to pay for the membership.

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Have you ever tried the app?

Smoothie bowl and studying!

This post contains sponsored items from Daniel Wellington

Just looking at these photos are making me hungry! I loved this smoothie bowl I made with strawberries, bananas and blueberries! So easy and soo tasty! Just throw a handfull of each in a blender and add 1,5 dl of water and your good to go!

Study tip: Sketchy Medical

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I keep suggesting videos of people drawing out medical related things. And to be honest, its probably because thats the way I learn best. But also these people are great at learning you what you need to. Microbiology is definetly my worst subject, and I’m horrible with remembering the names correctly and all of that. This post is in no way sponsored by the SketchyMedical team, and I know its tons of money, but its basically what got me thru micro. And also I still remember most of their drawings.

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They do have some videos up on youtube for you to get introduced to them. But I do recommend their free trial as well. Try it and see if you like it! Saved my ass for sure!


Christmas gift: Bujo starting kit

Just in case you haven’t figured out what to get your friend for Christmas, or you forgot and need a quick fix. This is such a great idea for people who are creative, and that need a tad bit of help to stay organised. A Bujo starting kit. Or Bullet journal starting kit, for those not familiar with the fad! Basically the easies gift to get together, and if you find a cute cheap notebook, it could easily be under 10 $!

Get up early!

“Life is getting up an hour early to live an hour more”

It’s probably my favourite “trick” yourself quote. Basically I tell myself that if I get up early I get more out of the day. And to be honest, I’m a morning person, so it’s relatively easy for me to wake up in the mornings. But sometimes you just need that extra bit of motivation.

Study tip: Momentum Dash

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This is probably one of my most asked questions whenever I post a photo. This home page for your browser, is one of the cutest things. It changes photo each day, and shows you the time, and a cute little greeting. There is also an motivational quote and a to do list on the homepage. I know that there are several similar once, but I think this one is my favourite! The photos are just so good!

Link to their page here!